This is a digital generation. Things are changing from traditional business marketing to digital marketing techniques. Why there is so much concern for this digital trend. Who should bother for this change?

Any business – any means any industry business or even individual professionals can take benefits from this digital world without spending big bucks like big corporates or huge establishments.

You will shock to see if we still not digitalise our business methods and rely on traditional tactics of marketing. We really missing a huge opportunity to scale.

See how the below numbers can affect your target audience of your business and why you should adopt digital means to market your business offerings.

Stats for digital users/internet users which is growing day by day.

digital stats

Annual growth of internet users / social platform users from the year 2015 to 2016

internet stats

Country-wise distribution, see the adoption of digital waves among different continents.

Now, Time has come when we need to think out of the box and start implementing digital kinds of stuff for our business to take it to next level of huge masses.

In broader term every business should focus on below activities bare minimum to stand with the competition in today’s digital age;

  1. Search engine optimization / Local search engine optimization
  2. Business profiles at all popular social media platform which is best related to your offerings.
  3. Online business presence via a website which should be mobile responsive.
  4. Business mobile apps
  5. Having online shop if you are in retail business or business to sell any kind of products.

Grabbing the opportunity of serving these huge number of digital users/internet users will make a tremendous different in your business sales.

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