As every business industry taking benefits from the digitalization, Why the restaurant business behind the scene? Why Ubeareat like marketplace solutions eating margins of the small food business and some are close to closures of their business.

As you know today we are ruling in the digital age, every business should make their brand among the customers directly by taking benefits of digital solutions so that none of the middlemen like “marketplaces” able to take the benefit of the situation and harm your hard yearned business.

Here are the few of the digital solutions you can see which is most suitable for your business: 

  1. Table Reservation mobile App Solution for Restaurants. 
  2. Food Ordering mobile app solution for Restaurants. 
  3. Food Ordering mobile app solution for Food Takeaway business.
  4. Order Taking Tablet App for Restaurants. 

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What are the benefits of having mobile app solutions for your food business? 

  1. Brand Building, Make your brand among the new generation of millennium customers. Like a website, nowadays owning a mobile app is also a brand making activity. As per stats, your customer spends more time on mobile apps as compared to mobile compatible websites. They spend enormous daily time on their smartphones, so having your logo in front of them will be a better opportunity to make your brand and remembrance in front of your customers.
  2. Easy to use & Access 24×7,  Mobile apps are very easy to access. Your customer can see your updated food menu at any time from anywhere. Whether your restaurant is in business hours or closes at the moment, your regular customers can easily surf your food menu at any time on their beloved smartphones.
  3. Customer engagement & loyalty, You can connect with your customers & engagement them with your business through a mobile app by offering them reward points, discount offers, latest happenings information from time to time. Your customer can have a log of reward point on your mobile app and redeem them whenever they like on your food establishment.
  4. High return on your marketing campaigns, Through push notifications you can easily send offer details to your customer on their smartphones which result in high conversion rates for your offer campaigns. Which is not much possible through other ways of traditional marketing channels.
  5. Tip Tap Orders as additional Revenue Channel, Your customers can place food orders for delivery or pick up from your mobile app in just a few clicks of tabs. This gives them the convenience of placing the order from anywhere and pick at their desired time.
  6. Digital Menu your mobile app, Your mobile app can act as a digital menu for your food outlet. Through a beacon Bluetooth technology, you can broadcast your food menu link to your nearby customers and they can easily place orders via that link to avoid standing in a queue and better user experience.

and much more …..

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