Nowadays there are many online ways through which you can earn decent side revenue along with your day job or business. Eventually, if you have patience, dedication, and enough savings to sustain for some time then these methods can also gain you main stream revenue and you easily become your boss by leaving your full-time job.

Earning monthly revenue to feed monthly expenses is a necessity, So do not start below ideas by leaving your current job or business but start them as a side activity and gradually make it main stream if you want to.

In Today’s digital culture there are enormous ways to earn money with online ventures. Few of those ways I will discuss below as follows :

Note: Those say earn millions online blah blah is not an overnight game. You need patience, discipline, hard work, planning to achieve that goal.

1. Freelancing: There are many jobs website like upwork,, fiverr, etc… where you can create your skill profile and get jobs to be done of smaller nature and a good thing is you can do it in your comfortable time lines (mutually discussed with the client). You can earn enough extra money by utilizing your skills to perform the side task.

2. YouTube Channel: If you are not a shy person and eager to distribute knowledge or entertainment to the public. This is the best platform to consider. You can create sequence episode of cooking receive, teaching tutorials, travel experience, etc. Even you can provide video services to promote other businesses. You can earn by charging your services along with the ad revenues distribute Google with you.

3. E-book: This is a digital version of the traditional books. The only difference is e-books are very particular about a niche information with info graphics and limit to few number of pages. The best example to create and sell these e-books will on the subject you love to share and you have expertise with. Nowadays people search information online and very adaptable to read ebooks to gain new knowledge. After creating an e-book you can publish it on your website or another marketing platform with a small price tag of anything from $5 – $49 per e-book. These numbers look very small but when we able to sell in bulk, this makes you a very decent amount.

4. Online Shopping Store: If you have an interest in selling products online in which you have an upper hand you can start online e-commerce venture ( This business takes more money efforts than the other methods given here ). For this first, you need to select your niche product where you have a USP other than your competitors and start uploading on your self-website, marketplaces, etc and start seeing money pouring into account.

5. Blogging / Content writing: In a past couple of years developing these services are very popular nowadays. As you know content is a king for any type of online promotion. So you can start developing your own blog or write for someone else and charge the fees.

6. Domain & Website trader/broker: You can start purchasing good names of the domain by analyzing its future requirement and sell it for the premium. Similar you can purchase running online business and enhance it and sell off at premium charges.

7. Pay per banner, Pay per survey: I really don’t believe on these Ponzi schemes.

8. Affiliate Marketing: Best way to earn online money by promoting the services & products of other companies to make a sale and get few percentage from the selling amount. You can sign up as an affiliate partner based on your niche of the website and start promoting their services or online products, on each sale confirmation you will get very attractive commission automatically in your account. Mostly every online digital website has affiliate programs of different kinds with them and they are free to sign up.

Join the most popular affiliate network below

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There are endless opportunities online. Just match your skill set and see what you are like to do with passion with some goal planning and you see your hard work gives fruitful results.


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