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WordPress – Content Management System for Website.

WordPress a popular blogging platform, now becomes the first choice for all content management systems due to its simplicity and ease to use convenience. Most of the CMS websites are driven with WordPress. How to build a WordPress website is a separate topic we can discuss it in the separate post.

I am assuming you are done with your WordPress website and now looking for hosting provider to go live with your website to the online world. In selecting good hosting provider you need to consider following major points in comparison.

  1. Customer Support : They should have a 24×7 support system with online chat, Telephone, Support ticket system.
  2. Online Reviews : You can search on google about their customer reviews.
  3. Accounts : Number of accounts they allow on shared hosting packages. Less will be best.
  4. Server Speed : You can analyze the configuration of their server.
  5. Server Location : Nearest the server location, proves faster ping and loads your web application quicker.
  6. Freebies : Dedicated IP, SSL, CDN, Emails, etc.

and many others…

Best Shared Web Hosting for WordPress Websites

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After working on so many hosting servers in past eight years, Below are the few features to explain why I like for hosting my WordPress websites :

  1. They have specialized plans for WordPress and their server optimized for WordPress website from the core.
  2. Servers are optimized for speedy processing due to following setups :
    1. Hardisk are SSD not traditional.
    2. They build their own cache mechanism called Supercacher to faster processing of your web application.
    3. In-built google page speed.
    4. Use of NGINX technology to increase database processing.
    5. Free CDN with each account.
    6. They have four server location, so there is an option to choose the nearest available server.
  3. Highly secure server configuration. An inbuilt monitoring system to analyze the WordPress vulnerabilities and protect users from WAF rules. WordPress & it’s plugin automatically updated to latest release.
  4. Free SSL with all the hosting accounts.
  5. Daily backup of websites with multiple copies depends on the selected plan.
  6. Git – preinstalled & One -click WordPress install.
  7. WordPress Stagging – Make changes on the website, test & then make it live.
  8. Latest versions of PHP & MySQL.
  9. Last but the important one is awesome support, their support guys are too amazing that they even help in WordPress code if they can.
  10. is also officially recommended by WordPress.ord

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