What is Web Development?

Web development can also be referred to as website development. The job associated with the development of websites for hosting by means of the internet or intranet. Web design, client-side scripting, network security configuration, web content development are the process which is involved in web development. 

Fundamentals of Web Development

Web development must have some basic features as written below:

  1. Web Design: The design of the website should be professional and simple. Both the images and text should have a good mix on the website. Avoid using flashy colors; use of subtle colors is a good option to go with. It must be good enough to attract visitors and make them stay on your website. 
  1. Web Content: All people use a search engine to get valuable information these days. Therefore, you must post quality and unique content on your website on a regular basis to give unique and valuable information to the visitors. Do proper research work before content writing and also incorporate the images, videos, etc. so that the content looks attractive as no one would just like the content having only textual words. Try to include well-thought-out keywords in your contents to get a higher ranking. 
  1. User-Friendly Navigation: The website must be easy for the visitors to navigate so that they can move to a page which they want to without any problem. If the navigation is poor then you may lose some valuable visitors. If there is too much content on your website then there must be a search box available for the visitors. 
  1. Web Compatibility: The website must be congruent with different browsers, platforms, and devices. 
  1. Loading Speed of Website: This is very important because if the loading speed of your website is longer than there is a possibility that the visitors may leave your website and search for some other. The reason is that people like to see instant action when they do something as they always have a shortage of time. If your website is slow to load then visitors will obviously abandon your website, which is not a good thing for your business.   

Web Development Companies in India

With the advent of technology, the whole universe has been turned into a small global village. Website development has become a need for survival of every business whether it’s a small-scale business or large-scale business. Therefore, the need for professionals or website developers and Website Development Company has also become indispensable to cater to the needs of the business but it is not an easy task to choose the Website Development Company. There are a lot of Web Development Companies in India providing web development services for your business. Top 10 Web Development Companies in India are stated below: 

  1. Fablian Technologies: This Company is a trustworthy Web Development Company in India. Tvisha delivers professional website development services under a reasonable budget for those who want to expand their business online. They use great strategy and planning for web development after knowing the need of the client. As their staff is full of proficient and experienced web developers so you get to fulfill all your expectations. 
  2. Spark Infosys: It is one of the excellent web development companies located in Hyderabad. They basically design a customized website and apps as per their customer’s requirements. They are in this business for more than 10 years delivering their services to the small and medium business at an affordable price. Their team of developers can help you succeed in your business online.  
  3. Nexevo: It is also a top leading professional web development company in India having vast experience in website designing with the involvement of recent innovation technologies. The company is situated in Bangalore. Their perfect web development services help the business to reach the targeted audience within a short span of time. They are in this industry since 2012 and since then they are offered their services to many leading brands. 
  4. Indglobal: This web development company provides versatile services to its clients in website development, e-Commerce web development, mobile application development, and Open-source CMS development to help expand your business. The efficient team of web developers helps to launch your business website and enhances business visibility on the web. 
  5. Salt Technologies: This Company provides web development solutions to small, medium and large businesses at the most affordable prices without compromising the quality. It is situated in Pune.
  6. Dream worth: It is a very good company located in Pune, which gives web design services for business expansion and help to keep you always one step ahead of your competitors. Their web development services will improve the brand image of your company and help to increase your business performance.
  7. Capsicum Media Works:  Capsicum Media Works is the best web design and development company in Mumbai. They provide result-oriented and customer-focused services. The team of developers in Capsicum media works provides excellent web development and design services to fulfill the requirements of their customers. They use innovate technical strategies to make your website in the top list of search engine. 
  8. Web Craft India: This Company is a top rated website development company located in Mumbai and it working since 1999. It offers user-friendly, customized web development and design services that fulfill the business objectives of their clients.  
  9. Web Pulse India: It is also a Delhi-based web development company offering effectual web development services that will help your business to expand online. Their services help to attract more customers to your website allowing you to reach a wide customer base. 
  10. Cyber Worx:  It is a top IT Website Designing Company located in Delhi. It is having many years of experience in providing Website Designing services in India. Their designed websites are good for promoting your business and attracting customers towards your website thus increasing your business performance.

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